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THE PRISONER Portmeirion Village Official Convention based
on the cult 1967 Patrick McGoohan TV series hosted by Six of One

Launched 07/30/00, updated 12/30/23.

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THE PRISONER Portmeirion Village Official Convention, based on
the cult 1967 Patrick McGoohan TV series, hosted by Six of One.

Pictures below by Michael Kimpel, Germany

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"PortmeiriCon" is the name given to Six of One's regular Prisoner Convention in the hotel village of Portmeirion, in North Wales. The society has held these events annually since 1977, except in 1980, 1999, 2000, 2002 and 2004. In 1977, Six of One met with Portmeirion's creator, Sir Clough Williams-Ellis. Patrick McGoohan became Honorary President of the society at that time until his passing in 2009.

Six of One is officially recognised and enjoys a worldwide membership. This "Portmeiricon" website delivers information, events details and essential directions to "The Village". Visit the links to other pages within this website to find out more...


Convention enquiries

Convention accommodation enquiries

Who can attend Prisoner conventions in Portmeirion?

Members of Six of One who have registered to attend the convention.

How do I become a Six of One member?

Details are online at www.sixofone.co

How do I register?

By using the form sent to members with mailings or register online at www.sixofone.co

What other amounts do I have to pay while a member?

None at all, except in connection with the convention if you wish to attend.

What are the convention costs?

Apart from the membership subscription there is a separate registration fee to attend the convention. This is payable by all persons who come to the conventions, whether they are staying in Portmeirion (see below) or not.

What is the registration fee for?

Registrations make the convention self-funding. The amounts cover the cost of hiring equipment, venue hire, any guest fee plus their travel and accommodation expenses, printing of the programme and all other leaflets and additional items, such as tickets or passes. Any surplus is used to purchase items for prize draws (the cost of buying draw tickets is added to the fund to help pay for the convention and to provide some advance funding for the next convention).

Apart from paying to become a member and the convention registration, what else has to be paid for to attend the event?

Nothing else has to be paid for (apart from travel, food and drink - see below), but if members wish to stay in Portmeirion, the cost has to be paid separately. Six of One reserves Portmeirion accommodation each year for the convention and members request places through the society convention organisers. Places are allocated and a separate confirmation is sent to each member staying in Portmeirion, providing details of the cost, so that an initial deposit has to be paid and the balance is payable before the end of January, a few weeks before the convention. The amounts members pay for accommodation are later passed entirely to Portmeirion by Six of One and no handling change applies.

Do I have to stay in Portmeirion?

No, it is possible for members to attend the convention as day visitors or to stay in Portmeirion for the whole weekend or to stay somewhere in the local area. For example, a number of members each year stay in a Travelodge, or guesthouses, or hotels in nearby Porthmadog, or even on camping or caravan sites.

How do I find alternative accommodation?

Six of One can provide on request details of some other places in the local area where members can stay, or contact Porthmadog local tourist office. 

Can I attend with several of my member friends?

Yes, some of the Portmeirion cottages are big enough to accommodate 8 people, while other rooms or cottages are for single or twin occupancy. All queries can be answered in advance if members need any information and it is not possible to answer all points here.

In simple terms, what does a new, non-member have to do?

Simply join the society, then use one of the convention forms, which will be in one of the society’s mailings, or register online to attend the convention. As detailed above, these steps can be dealt with by post or online. After that, a new member simply needs to write or email the organiser who deals with the accommodation to apply for a place in Portmeirion, if this is wanted.

What other points should I be aware of?

The places in Portmeirion are limited and so it is best not to leave too late the request for a place. Also, preference is given to members who want to stay the whole weekend and not for example just one night.

Do I have to take part in any event?

No, some members like to be involved in events and others prefer to observe and enjoy the weekend without taking part in activities.

If I am coming to the convention on my own and want to stay in Portmeirion, what happens?

There are two options. You can pay for a hotel nightly room to be alone, but this is more expensive as most Portmeirion rooms are twin or double rooms. Also, the society gives preference to rooms where two members wish to share as this allows more people to attend conventions. If places are oversubscribed a single person would not normally be given a room, but the society tries to make or offer suitable arrangements in all cases.

Does the convention cater for disabled persons?

Yes, to an extent. Portmeirion is an independent, private hotel and so Six of One members are simply attending there as guests. The society does not provide the facilities, the hotel does. All enquiries need to be addressed to Portmeirion in this event but some cottages are suitable for wheelchair access. Space is also made available at the front of the indoor event hall for wheelchair users. All other related queries can be raised with the organisers and the society will do its best to cater for everybody.

Am I covered for any loss of property, damage, injury etc?

Not in respect of the convention itself. Members can take out their own insurance or simply choose to look after their property and themselves. Portmeirion is very safety conscious and has recently erected railings and walls to decrease the chance of injury while people are walking around the grounds. As for property, members are asked to be responsible and to look after their own items, as they would in any other location. In short, the convention is for enthusiasts who want to attend the weekend and not act in a way which would cause any loss or damage or injury to other persons or their property. The weekend is well organised and the high standards of Portmeirion are observed, but there is no liability on the society’s part.

What about eating and drinking?

Meals are included in the cost of hotel and nightly rooms, but self-catering cottage enable members to provide their own food and drink. There are the usual Portmeirion eating and drinking facilities and more information can be obtained from the hotel. All food and drink has to be paid for by members separately. Portmeirion also has shops which sell a limited range of food and the restaurant also sells sandwiches etc which could be purchased for later.

Is there any travel information?

As members attend from all over the world and across the UK, it is not possible to provide travel information for each journey. For members driving to Portmeirion, there is ample parking and for those coming by train there are local buses and taxis from Porthmadog for example. There are some details on this convention website at www.portmeiricon.com/location.htm