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THE PRISONER Portmeirion Village Official Convention based
on the cult 1967 Patrick McGoohan TV series hosted by Six of One

Launched 07/30/00, updated 03/31/19.

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THE PRISONER Portmeirion Village Official Convention, based on
the cult 1967 Patrick McGoohan TV series, hosted by Six of One.

A World On Its Own...

Photos below by Michael Kimpel, Germany

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"The Prisoner" returns to "The Village" with each "Portmeiricon". This unique event is staged by the series' official society, in the original filming location. Over the weekend there is a full programme of activities and entertainment for members of Six of One. Everyone can watch outdoor events, but the indoor programme is for society members only. A registration fee also applies, to cover hire of equipment, to cover guest expenses, printing and provision of an attractive convention pack.  The weekend includes re-enactments, screenings, discussions, costumes and guests. Be seeing you!

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The PortmeiriCon is built around a whole weekend 'in the Village', with Prisoner episodes, quizzes, displays, screen events, competitions and debates. Special guest details appear on the separate linked "Celebrity" page. Portmeirion's 'Hercules Hall', plus the 'Tudor Room' and 'Long Room', provided the elegant accommodation for indoor events. The renowned hotel dining room, the Castell Deudraeth, plus bars and cafeteria once again offered ample refreshment facilities, along with shopping at various sales outlets. The exclusive Prisoner shop is open during the convention and a dance, disco and 'wrap party' always ends the Sunday.