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THE PRISONER Portmeirion Village Official Convention based
on the cult 1967 Patrick McGoohan TV series hosted by Six of One

Launched 07/30/00, updated 04/15/24.

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THE PRISONER Portmeirion Village Official Convention, based on
the cult 1967 Patrick McGoohan TV series, hosted by Six of One.

Below is a list of all guests who have attended Six of One events.
Here is Six of One’s list of all the celebrities who have graced our events, since Ron Grainer guested at the 1978 Thatched Barn, Borehamwood convention.Or perhaps Sir Clough Williams-Ellis was our first ‘guest’, at the 1977 Portmeirion society one day visit.
1978 First convention weekend
1979 Vincent Tilsley (Brighton)
1979 Society Portmeirion filming
1980 George Markstein (London)
1981 Convention society film screening
1982 Convention re-edited film screening

1983 Patrick McGoohan (TV show ‘Greatest Hits’ with society members)
1984 Alexis Kanner (London)
1984 Convention with Treasure Hunt
1985 Convention with Radio Village
1986 'Koroshi' screening

1987 Gino Marotta, Frank Maher, Peter Graham Scott, Camilla Hasse, David Naughton, Eric Mival, Ian Rakoff, Betty McDowall, Katherine Kath, Victor Maddern, Harold Berens, Wilf Josephs, Tony Sloman (librarian) (10th anniversary party, London)
1987 Convention Quizzes and Tours
1988 Convention + Coliseum cinema
1989 John Lageu (Portmeirion and Birmingham and Coliseum Cinema)
1989 Kenneth Griffith, Peter Brady (lighting), John S. Smith, Len Harris, Noreen Ackland, Richard Best (husband of Noreen, helped on Fall Out), Fred Hayward (McGoohan driver), Michael Hickey (sound recording operative) (Borehamwood)
1990 Kenneth Griffith (Portmeirion and Coliseum cinema)
1991 Rachel Herbert, James Bree, Katherine Kath, Mickey O'Toole (Borehamwood)
1991 Len Harris (Portmeirion and Coliseum cinema)
1992 Mickey O'Toole (Portmeirion and Coliseum cinema)
1993 Jane Merrow, Tony Sloman (Portmeirion and Coliseum cinema)
1993 Graham Nearn, David Arlen,
Michael Balfour, Harold Berens, James Bree, Richard Caldicot, Dennis Chinnery, Rosalie Crutchley, Mark Eden, Kenneth
Griffith, Rachel Herbert, Peter Howell, Lloyd Lamble, Bettine Le Beau, Frank
Maher, Norman Mitchell, Michael Nightingale, Robert Rietty, Wanda Ventham, Arthur White, Gino Marotta, Peter Graham Scott, Terence Feely, Lewis Greifer, Wilf Josephs, Eric Mival, Noreen Ackland, Roy Cannon (propsman), Norman Coles (assistant film editor, Tina Davies (production secretary), Len Harris, Ronald Liles, Doris Martin, Mickey O'Toole (chargehand propsman, Sidney Palmer (property buyer, Tony Sloman (librarian), John S. Smith (25th Prisoner event, London; unconfirmed if they all attended but their names were in the programme)
1994 Mark Eden and wife actress Sue Nicholls, Eric and Penny Mival (Portmeirion and Coliseum cinema)
1995 Peter Howell, John S. Smith, (Portmeirion and Coliseum cinema)
1996 Norma West, Alexis Kanner, Jack Lowin, Tina Davies (prod'n secretary) (Portmeirion and Coliseum cinema)
1997 Angela Browne and husband actor Francis Matthews, Roger Parkes (Portmeirion and Coliseum cinema)
1997 Annette Andre, David Arlen, Roy Beck (No.1 figure), John Bramall, Peter Brayham, James Bree, Earl Cameron, Dennis Chinnery, Terence Feely, Arthur Gross, Rachel Herbert, Alexis Kanner, Gerald Kelsey, Lloyd Lamble, Bettine Le Beau, Frank Maher, Gino Marotta, Eric Mival, David Naughton, Ian  Rakoff, Peter Graham Scott, Tony Sloman, John S. Smith. Ed Ball "The Times" music group (30th Anniversary Event, London)
1998 Frank Maher, Ian Rakoff, John S. Smith (Portmeirion and Coliseum)
2001 Frank Maher (Portmeirion)
2003 Alexis Kanner, Vincent Tilsley (Portmeirion) also Vincent Tilsley at society "Brain Bash" event (Brighton)
2004 Michael Billington (Borehamwood)
2005 Michael Billington, Roger Parkes, Bob Mackenzie-Grieve (driver and nurse in Arrival)
2006 John S. Smith, Tony Sloman
2007 Norma West, Ian Rakoff
2008 Jane Merrow, Earl Cameron, plus special messages sent by Pat Jackson and Bernie Williams
2009 Wanda Ventham and John S. Smith
2010 Rachel Herbert
2011 Justine Lord
2012 Tony Sloman, Peter and David Shillingford, Prisoner filming 1966/7
2013 Bettine Le Beau
2014 Catherine McGoohan
2015 Derren Nesbitt
2016 Denise Buckley
2017 Christopher Benjamin and Nick Briggs (Big Finish), with greetings from Joan McGoohan and daughter Catherine

2018 Tony Sloman
2019 Eric Mival

2023 Chris Rodley, Malcolm Nance, Martin Cater, Juan Veloza
2024 Catherine McGoohan, Tony Sloman, Malcolm Nance

In addition there were ‘extras’George and Lilian Llewellyn, Marjorie Beer, Richard and Gaye Eastwood, Cynthia and John Glyn Jones, Peggy Yeates and others who came to PortmeiriCons.
Also Bob Piercy was the Coliseum projectionist who ran the 1966 filming ‘rushes’ and projected our big screen episode PortmeiriCon presentations.
Visitors to the Village included Jools Holland and David Tomblin who spoke to Max Hora in the Prisoner shop.
Singer Ed Ball joined us in Portmeirion - and during the filming there of "The Times" pop video "I Helped Patrick McGoohan Escape" - also Steve Harley from pop group "Cockney Rebel" and Martyn Ware of "Heaven 17".
To all of these and to our members, plus the staff at Portmeirion, we offer hearty thanks and hope for many more conventions!

(There were no PortmeiriCons in 1980, 1999, 2000, 2002, 2004, or 2020 -2022 [Covid].
Years with no "Prisoner" guest in brown. List/details Roger and Karen Langley 2023).