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THE PRISONER Portmeirion Village Official Convention based
on the cult 1967 Patrick McGoohan TV series hosted by Six of One

Launched 07/30/00, updated 05/03/24.

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THE PRISONER Portmeirion Official Convention based on the cult 1967 Patrick McGoohan TV series
hosted by Six of One -
2024 is the 47th anniversary of the society's official start on the Sixth of the First 1977.
Society Honorary President Patrick McGoohan (1977 - 2009)

2025 CONVENTION DATES ARE APRIL 11 to 13 - details at sixofone.co

See Escape main page and Escape Books
2024 PortmeiriCon from 12-14 April, with special guest Catherine McGoohan
24 images below from Jeremy Guy and used with thanks.
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2023, 2019 and 2018 convention images are further down this page
(there were no Portmeirion conventions 2020, 2021 or 2022 during Covid)
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2023 convention images below by Number 113C.

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Special souvenir glossy 32 page A5 professionally printed and stapled booklet about ‘Prisoner’ conventions in Portmeirion, a fully illustrated guide to the events, origin and what they represent. A celebration of the wide range of happenings, those from the past and goings-on from more modern times.
Colour photos throughout show how the ‘Village’ from ‘The Prisoner’ is brought to life annually, the scope of conventions having grown across the years. The guide marks also the 2023 return of ‘PortmeiriCon’ after a three year absence and provides memories in a colourful keepsake.

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Celebrating the classic TV series "The Prisoner" - glossy magazines and annual conventions in Portmeirion, where the series was filmed, with invited guests from the cast and crew - enrolling over 50,000 members since 1977. Six of One is the official and only "Prisoner" society which enthusiasts can join as members. Patrick McGoohan was the society Honorary President from 1977 until his passing in 2009. His daughter actor Catherine McGoohan was the special guest at PortmeiriCon 2014.


2006 - John S. Smith - Wonderful weekend, everything was magic, thoroughly enjoyed meeting all the fans.
2007 - Norma West - Six of One has kept “The Prisoner” alive and I feel privileged to be a part of it.
2008 - Jane Merrow - Congratulations continuing the enjoyment experienced when “The Prisoner” was first shown.
2009 - Wanda Ventham - Congratulations! I am very proud to have “The Prisoner” on my credits. Good luck!
2010 - Rachel Herbert - All good wishes for the future. Lye eezit zoon!
2011 - Justine Lord - A pleasure and thank you all. Be seeing you!
2012 - Robin Llywelyn - I hope you continue to enjoy the village and all your activities.
2013 - Bettine Le Beau - A pleasure to be here with you all, thank you for your generous and warm welcome.
2014 - Catherine McGoohan - All of this affection, it is very heartfelt and I want to thank you.
2015 - Derren Nesbitt - A great pleasure. Thank you.
2016 - Denise Buckley - Thank you all, it’s been brilliant it’s been so lovely to talk to you all. It’s been great.
2017 - Christopher Benjamin - I've really enjoyed your company.
2018 - Tony Sloman - A big thank you for all your hospitality and to all who made the convention so enjoyable.
2019 - Eric Mival - Coming here is wonderful, and so thank you very much for inviting me.

Merchandise website

Society membership equiries: membership6of1@yahoo.com
General society enquiries / Convention enquiries: sixofone.pr@btinternet.com
Convention accommodation enquiries: craigwalter9@gmail.com
Magazine communications: YVCNumber18@gmail.com

UUS site, formerly run by Bruce Clark, and now an archive site, with some current updates: www.sixofone.com

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Images from 2019 convention with special guest Eric Mival, Prisoner music editor
(pictured right in middle photo on second row) with German member Michael Brüne.
Above 4 images by Marc Christiansen and 3 images next row below by Arno Baumgärtel,
followed by 9 more images from Marc Christiansen in the final 3 rows below - many thanks!

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"INSIDE THE VILLAGE" by Roger Langley - new 2019 Prisoner novel, approx 80,000 words and 200 pages including covers. An entire story set over 17 days, featuring all the Village locations, and with the ‘classic’ established format of characters, places and action. Number Six faces his greatest challenge.
Details appear on the Escape books page

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2017 revised and updated Patrick McGoohan biography, with new foreword and contributions by Catherine McGoohan, plus new photos.

10 years on since the 2007 first edition, the new book covers the period after that, the actor's passing in 2009, the years since and his legacy.

Available now from Escape Books.

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Peter Wyngarde sadly passed away on 15th January, 2018.

He appeared in "The Prisoner" as the leader Number Two.

His first ever biography from 2012 has since sold out and the 2019 revised and updated edition of the biography is available from Escape.

Sadly the 2020 and 2021 PortmeiriCons could not be held due to the pandemic. Six of One's 2019 annual Prisoner event was enjoyed once more in Portmeirion, from 5th to 7th April, with special guest Eric Mival (Prisoner series' music editor). The society held its 2019 38th annual Convention once again in the renowned setting of Portmeirion Hotel, in North Wales. Registered members can attend all indoor and outdoor events in the many acres of grounds. The hotel village of Portmeirion is block reserved by Six of One, so that members can stay at the resort during the convention weekend. Portmeirion's shops, bars and dining facilities are also open.

Guest celebrities attend and stay over the weekend. The location was used for the filming of the cult 1967 British television series "The Prisoner", starring Patrick McGoohan. Visitors to Portmeirion over the Convention weekend can watch outdoor activities, but not attend indoor events.

To join "Six of One", see the link at the top of this page. With the backing of Granada Ventures/ITV, owners of the series, and Portmeirion, who operate their famous "Prisoner Shop", Six of One recreates the ominous "Village". From here, in the 17 TV episodes, the prisoner 'No. 6' tried each week to escape. Open buggies, giant white 'guardian' balloons, penny farthing bicycles and strange characters made up the fantasy Village. Join in the proceedings - from carnival atmosphere, to serious debate; from enactments, to screen presentations; from games like "Human Chess", on a large lawn board, to celebrity guests. The series' unforgettable catchphrase is: "Be Seeing You!"

36 PORTMEIRICON 2018 IMAGES - 23 from Jeremy Guy, then one image sent by the German group of guest Tony Sloman (picture 15 on the right), who worked as The Prisoner series librarian; plus 1 image from Ian French of guest Tony Sloman beside Patrick McGoohan bronze bust; plus 11 images in next 4 rows from Marc Christiansen, pictured left in first photo row 12 alongside Leisha Keane and Mary Collard who were extras in the Prisoner 1966 Portmeirion filming.
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